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Originally Posted by ghostyandfrosty View Post
And you still can't use a combat engine effectively
I suppose the better question would be: "How are you getting 54/25?"
I have 9 points in Warp Core Efficiency and Warp Core Potential (Impulse Thrusters, too...but that seems irrelevant to power levels). I have 6 points in Engine Performance. Putting in 3 more points into it shouldn't give me 7 more power in my system.

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
impulse engines need a rethink. i don't think they get better as you level, going from a mkXI to XII omega engine, i noticed my turn rate and speed not increase at all, whats the point of them haveing a MK then?
Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
I found if I ignored the tooltip and fitted mkxi vs mkxii there is a difference and mkxii is better fyi.


55.42 flight speed 36.3 turnrate vs 54.84 flight speed 36.3 turn rate. slight difference
I noticed the increase as well. I use Advanced Fleet Hyper-Impulse engines mk XII [turn]x3 [spd], and despite having the same flight speed as my Omega Hyper-Impulse Engines MK XI, the Fleet engines adds an additional .5 to my flight speed.

I didn't have the Omega mk XII engines until recently, but didn't even bother confirming the hidden MK bonus.