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ok so i applaud cryptic/perfect world for adding the one ship ive desired since this game came into existence with a setup that allows it to retain its described techs while not being overly powerful on a single variant. guaranteed i WILL find a way to buy this bundle. now i would like to ask for a hint on how your development team is going to satisfy the loyal kdf players? you just announce a ship that takes another chunk away from kdf carrier dominance and universal dual heavy cannon compatability advantage. not to mention the consoles essentially add (1) a team proximity hazard emitter style heal. (2) torpedo rejecting hull buff (3) a laser looking to be on par with dreadnought spinal phaser lance.
then the set benefit (4) a shield bubble that provides the same function as ablative armoring. you guys must be hard pressed to come up with something that can even the odds against this vessel which sounds like a perfect chariot for a god of war!