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Originally Posted by adorkabledori View Post
With all respect, bringing out new ships is fine. But what about following : bring out in the Season 7 the consoles separated. For example, I bought recently the Fleet Exploration Cruiser Retrofit. In the description stay that I can separate the saucer if I have the console. Sadly, I don't have it but I can obtain it if I buy the C-Store version of this ship. D'oh, another 2000 to 2500 Zen for only the console, coz' the C-store version has lesser specs, upon the 2000 Zen that I had already spend on the Fleet Modules. Metthink you can get my point, twice the same ship for obtaining one console is ridiculous.

Now, if Cryptic would made an extra section in the store, where people could buy those special consoles for ships and sell them for example at 500 Zen (2000 Zen for Fleet Version of the ship and 500 for that special console = 2500 Zen which is the same as the C-Store version of that vessel). Wouldn't that be a great idea ?
Yes, it would.

But there's a reason that it is the way it is - you have to spend more money.

F2P turned STO into a complete cash grab.
The first we heard of getting new PvP maps "soon" was in August of 2010. We're consistently told something will be coming with the "next" update. Absolutely nothing has come to PvP since launch.

I think it's finally time Cryptic stopped stringing us along, don't you?