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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
What if you are a sci captian and hit your target with sub nuke, sensor scan first followed by your suggestions? and just for good measure throw out some tractor runnies?
Then I'll add "ohhhh myyy".

Originally Posted by rrincy View Post
im hoping the fleet assault cruiser could redress the balance a bit , much as i love the vesta , this is really very very strong .
its gonna be in testing , so it may well get tweaked and toned down
Yes, the Regent does need at least a 4th Tactical Console and might as well throw in a Hanger Bay as well since it's canon since the Sovereign's hanger bay was big enough for a Runabout.

The Galaxy-X need a COMPLETE overhaul now that the Vesta has DHC and Phaser Lance Capability. She needs at least 4 Tactical Consoles (I'd say up it to 5). A Hanger bay (The Enterprise-D had runabouts too). Maybe add another Shield console so her shields would be stronger and able to take more damage.

The Nebula, well who wants to fly that when you got the Vesta? So she needs some loving too.

The Intrepid Refit? Who wants to buy that when the Vesta's Quantum Shield does the same thing as the Ablative Armor (and it's better). And the Vesta is more "bang" for the buck too since she has more than what the Intrepid Offers.

So Cryptic basically threw out $100 worth of C-store ships for a $50 one.