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Originally Posted by starcommando101 View Post
Now this is not a Flame thread so the PvPers out there who whine at everything please reframe yourself from posting, I am just asking the Devs what is the status on this as of now?

I doubt anyone has asked the Devs about this since then but I would just like an update on progress if you are allowed to do so. Just even the slightest hint.

P.S. It says from Season 7 to 9, so what new Tech is coming with Season 7?
Unless you're counting all of the new stats and ship that we already know about, then I don't think anything is coming in Season 7.

They've been saying that improvements are coming to PvP for a long LONG time, but every dev that starts working on it has ended up leaving Cryptic a few weeks or months after they started working on it.

How many Devs have we gone through so far, 3? 4?

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