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Originally Posted by szim View Post
A nice ship. But both set bonuses are absolutely useless. Since we don't have one single space map I don't need to be any faster. I can't plot in a course and then have a coffee because my ship will always stop at the sector border.

And the shield bubble will be as useless as the ablative shield generator on the long range science vessel retrofit. I tried it once or twice and then put it on the bank. Since you cannot fire when the bubble is activated enemies will just wait till the bubble goes down and kill you then. As I said. It's completely useless.
When I ran the Intrepid refit I NEVER used the ablative armor! It was almost useless! I agree the set bonuses are no big deal. I think it would of been kind of neat being that it's all experimental equipment, that there would bee a small percent chance of it failing. Kind of like the excelsior's transwarp. LOL, you go to fire the deflector phaser and it fails and your left with no weapons or shield for a few seconds.