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10-31-2012, 03:49 PM
So you buy an account wide unlock, and sell it for EC, at which point you'll have to invest your Zen again to get the same account wide unlock for yourself?

That's less bad, but the system's not set up for that. The moment you claim an account wide item on one character, not all your characters immediately get it. It remains, for them, on the C-store, needing to be claimed manually, since some of them might be of too low a level to claim the item, or they don't have enough ship/boff/doff slots to accept the item automatically.

So then, rather than doing the difficult thing, adding in new UI elements to distinguish between buying an account wide unlockbox (now there's an interesting word) and claiming an unlocked unlock that can't be sold, wouldn't it just be easier to let people buy zen gift-certificates on the C-store and let them sell those for EC on the exchange?

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