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10-31-2012, 03:50 PM
Weapons: 3 Fore, 3 Aft


i know all Sci ships only have 6 weapon slots... and that is one of the reasons i DO NOT LIKE sci ships...

the SCI commander slot is another thing i don't like and it looks to me like all 3 versions come with the same BOff layout?

with only 6 weapons and probably a low amount of TAC console slots, where is the DPS supposed to be coming from?

i can make that a super tank that will never die, but won't kill anything on it's own.

and i'm not a fan of those weird crowd control effects in space at all

i already skipped on the Wells class because it was a Sci Heavy ship.... and i'm starting to see that this one is Sci heavy too.

i expected a Tac/Sci/Eng choice like with the Odyssey but here are only 3 SCI variants.
and with 3 universal consoles ...the console slots won't matter much.
and the energy level bonus doesn't matter either because i always make my own energy level presets anyway.
so if i want 10 more Aux i just move that slider up 2 points and done.
the only difference is when energy is disabled this one system is less likely to get disabled because the +10 Aux is a base stat.

So in the end, all 3 ship variants are pretty much the same, spare the pay 2 win consoles and the hopefully nice looking Variants of the ship (that i can't really see that well in the pictures.)

If you ask me, the 3 variants at least need different BOff seatings.
And i wouldn't mind if there was one with 4/4 Weapon Slots or at least 4/3

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