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# 6 There may be trouble ahead...
10-31-2012, 04:26 PM
Aboard his modified Defiant class starship, the U.S.S. Gespenst, Captain Amuro Ray finds himself in deep contemplation yet again.

It's quiet on the bridge, despite its small size. All that can be heard is the hum from the myriad of the control equipment power conduits. That is, until a loud sigh breaks the silence, as Amuro had broken his own.


"I need some time alone to think on things. Zazhid, you have the conn. Anything happens you know where I'll be." I said.

"Aye." Responded Zazhid, nodding her head as she turns to take the chair.

I headed down to the drop bay, where Cagalli's wedding gifts to me and Zazhid were stored. The Alteisen and Weissritter, two unusual pieces of equipment to find on such a small ship. The drop bay ran through the entire core of the ship, from deck 1 through deck 6, and almost as wide.

I opened the hatch of the Alteisen, thinking back to the first time I had used it on Terra Nova.

After hours of silent meditation, I hear the familiar chirp of a comm coming through the mech's comm system. It was coming from the Weissritter, so it had to be Zazhid.

"Hey... HQ sent a databurst, eyes only. I'm routing it to your display." Zazhid smiled.

As I opened the package, my display immediately went black, displaying a foreboding omega symbol.

"Can't be omega particles... The ship systems haven't thrown this up, what are the brass up to?" I thought to myself.

Before I could begin hypothesizing, an audio message echoed through the cramped cockpit

"Ray, Pegasus is hereby ordered to report to ESD for highly classified operation, consider this a subversion of omega protocol. This is top level clearance, eyes only."

The displays returned to showing the interior of the drop bay for a brief time while I pondered what could have the top brass recalling us so deep into home space.

I opened the hatch whilst tapping my combadge "Set course for home, maximum warp. Send message to Cagalli and Char ordering same. Engage!" I said.

I heard incoherent buzzing in response, which I could only assume was Tek, who had helm duty on this watch. I like him, he doesn't mess around with chit chat or excuses, just gets things done.

I secured the hatch of the Alt and headed over to the Weissritter's hatch, which opened as I approached. Zazhid had that look in her eye that said 'Tell me what's wrong'

"We've got a big mission ahead, serious enough to have me sworn to secrecy... This is one thing even you can't reassure me over. At least, not yet..." I muttered, feeling glum. "I'll be in the armoury, checking the rifles."

I left the drop bay, not turning back to see that Zazhid had shed a tear...

2 hours later, orbiting Sol 3...

"It's about damn time you showed up, guys!" I beamed to Cagalli and Char, who had just returned from charting systems around Deep space 11 in the Antoneidan galaxy.

"I blew out a few warp coils testing a new gizmo... you know me, ha ha!" Cagalli burst out laughing, before snapping back to a steely calm.

"Sorry boss, got held up dropping off the reports to Admiral Murrrphy, he just wouldn't stop talking..." Char purred, while absent-mindedly facepalming.

"S'alright, let's get to this briefing." I said plainly.

We beamed down to <REDACTED> to meet with <REDACTED> to find out why we had been brought home.

We were brought to a small room, only four chairs around a table, seemed unusual for something so high profile as to require invocation of omega protocol.

Admiral <REDACTED> was already seated at the table, and motioned for us to take the remaining seats, which we promptly did.

<REDACTED> prattled on for what seemed like hours before arriving at the crux of the matter...

"We believe we have located the Borg Queen, and <REDACTED>. We want you to mount an attack." <REDACTED> concluded the briefing, if you could call it that.

"So what is the strategy? How many ships?" I asked, almost dreading the answer.

"Strategy is for you to decide. Your 3 vessels are all that are available for this, all other task force omega certified vessels have been assigned to the other assault fronts."

"Okay... ARE YOU ******* INSANE?!!! That's suicide" I screamed at <REDACTED>

"According to your record, this type of mission is the speciality of your unit. That is why you have been tasked with this."

"Damn... If this works, I'm claiming a mass r&r for all of us" I sneered with absolute contempt for the machinations of <REDACTED>.

"If this works, every serving body on your ships will be awarded the highest honours we can bestow, that is my solemn vow. Now I believe you have preparations to make. Please refrain from using recorded communications for this, if you'll excuse me..." <REDACTED> said while leaving the room.

"We need an ace in the hole" I said. "Is Double G ready?"

"Unit 2 is good to go, but I'm having trouble with the motion tracking system on unit 1." Cagalli said.

"If you can't get it working, could you interface the control system into a positronic brain? If so, how long would it take to jury rig a shunt?" I asked.

Cagalli looked stunned "I could, it would take a matter of minutes to prepare the shunt. But where will we get a positronic brain?" Cagalli asked.

I laughed as she had lost sight of the obvious, "Fat Ram Dos. He'll be coming with us. So here is the plan:<REDACTED>"

Char nodded and asked a simple question "What is the name of this op?"

"Well, for too long we have been the shield of Aegis, so I suppose this operation would be the Scythe of Harpe" I blurted out without thinking.

"Sounds good." Cagalli nodded "I'll have Double G ready by 0600, unit 2 will be transported to the Ra Cailum as agreed, Gespenst Mk.II and unit 1 will deploy 0700"

"Alt and Weiss will deploy 0700 also, Fat Ram Dos will transport to Alteisen Riese ASAP for calibration. Char, you will deploy in unit 2 0700." I droned.

"Aye" Char said.

"That should give us time for meditation before op start at 0900, Let's move!" I cheered, tapping the combadge.

"Three to beam up, set course for Battle group Omega."
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