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pod cast interviews name names.. certain individuals take credit for their spin on jj..

while the person with the official title at the time was saying TOS/TNG at the cons passing out keys and showing nice alpha previews.. story based content fit the HOBUS jj and was turned into the prime universe
when STO was supposed to be in the original pre -hobus concept made it a alt actuality..

which harmed the continuity pulling the cheap writers poetic lic of pushed the date >30 yrs past TNG Nemesis movie time line. .which is the trap you lay. .the fewer core establish NPC interaction you have to the past the less Original Trek you become.. the Fine Mr Spock Moments try then BAM no sign of janeway Picard Chakotay even.. no Archer Memorials .. Some odd Surogate IConian War.. with huge linkage holes.. not because the author was not doign fun things.. its the size when basicly one person is told to edit and polish al lstories for every mission.
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