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Seriously you people are making it hard to even play this game. If you don't like PvP don't play it! You think Mechwarrior is going to be better (or GW2) then go play it, no one gives a crap about those games, this is STO's forums, not those other games. Also, to that PvEer who came and flamed on my thread because you decided to voice your opinion, please for the love of Kirk If you don't like it, don't play it!

Now you have ruined every chance of one of the Devs even posting.

Seriously you guys are a bunch of whiners. Get over yourself sheesh. You can't tell them what to do, just advice. I have never seen a bunch this bad...
The majority of people in these forums want to be here and playing STO, we're just tired and bitter about everything that has happened over the years. Yet we're still here for one reason or another, namely (at least I like to thing) that in some form this game is still Star Trek and people want to play that.

You cannot post in the PvP forums without getting some of that bitterness over what has been done by Cryptic over the years. The Dev's don't post here very often not because of all of the hate, but because A: there is only 1 Dev that we know of that is doing anything at all with PvP, and B: PvP is not the central focus of the game's coming update (or the game itself) so their interest in our opinions on things is pretty limited.

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