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10-31-2012, 05:26 PM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post

So where are the other 1-2 guys when your 2-3 guys are taking down the first guy?

You're basically describing a premade duo running through PUGs that are staring at the wall while drooling... they're grabbing their ankles and waiting in line to die.

How about if you're bringing 2-3 guys - then they bring 2-3 guys as well. It's not a 2-3 v 1, it's a 2-3 v 2-3...?
please re-read my first post.

it describes this scenario and offers some light.

once you get past the first level of nuke kill combo, and the guy doesnt die... then you are up against people who are thinking.

and if you are not im comm with your teammates, then have a bind that says "im about to nuke and scan this target"

your tac escort, if he his half aware, will spike on that target.

what do you not understand here?

if you are just pugging and care about winning a team game? i miss your whole argument.