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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
So where are the other 1-2 guys when your 2-3 guys are taking down the first guy?

You're basically describing a premade duo running through PUGs that are staring at the wall while drooling... they're grabbing their ankles and waiting in line to die.

How about if you're bringing 2-3 guys - then they bring 2-3 guys as well. It's not a 2-3 v 1, it's a 2-3 v 2-3...?
No what he's describing is an organized premade vs. premade fight were team leaders are calling targets for the damage dealers to focus on due to changing circumstances in a given fight.

Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
Thinking of all ships in terms of escorts or "healers" is a bit limited in my opinion... crowd control isn't as strong in a team setting as it is in most games because healers can cross-apply cleanse effects, sure, but there are definitely places for ships that inhabit some murky region between.
I don't think of the game just in terms of escorts and healer, those are just two facets of a complete team and only a rookie premade would bring just straight damage and straight healers

To be more specifics, when create a premade team design, I not only thing of the overall goal and functional methodology of the team, but in terms of what kind of roles would be needed to meet said methodology. Personally I divide it up into the following areas: Pure Damage, supplementary damage, healer, and group support; and apart from that there are the purpose builds but that's another matter.

Anyway that's me, and fly under the radar of most

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