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Originally Posted by therealsivar View Post
Flying alone against multiple enemies is a ticket to the respawn area.

What he meant is that in a 5v5, you have X number of damage dealers, and Y number of whatever else on your team. Within that each person/target varies without how tough and difficult to kill they are and require a different amount of firepower to break.

For example, you might be able to crack through an escort with just the damage dealers pounding hard and timing their buffs/debuffs, however you might need more damage output to get through a healing cruiser/carrier/whatever. You deal with this according to what you have, and what you know the enemy team with have and you distribute your damage dealing in accordance with what your facing in a given match....
I get that.

Perhaps the issue here is that I was going with what he was saying literally. The context matters - with it being a combination of 1v1 and 2-3 v1 discussions... it comes off as it does.