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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
I get that.

Perhaps the issue here is that I was going with what he was saying literally. The context matters - with it being a combination of 1v1 and 2-3 v1 discussions... it comes off as it does.
With regards to the 1v1 and 2-3v1 comments:

The main thing to get is dependent on the type of ship that you're having to shoot at and (more importantly) who is doing the actual shooting.

If the ship is a full cruiser healer then they will have maximum tanking potential and will require significant firepower to bring down (2-3 people normally). Now enter in a team setting and that 2-3 person requirement now becomes amplified because you have additional teammates in the mix supporting that ship just as the teammates are being supported by him. In those cases, the only way to win is to take out the surrounding support and therefore enable you to take down the healer(s).

As for 1v1, it's difficult anticipate how things will react in a 1v1 setting, given that it's not the main focus of the game (for all of the soloing that you do in PvE/leveling, PvP is a team sport).

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