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Originally Posted by thishorizon View Post
hello all!

so there is this new hax ship on the horizon? (no pun intended) and you got yourself all worked into a fine little ragemode......

with either anticipation or resent...right?

well, your ole buddy horizon is here with a friendly little piloting tip for those that just can't wait to lay the smack down on some Vesta ASS.

you see, what happens after an overpowered ship is the queue's..... everybody rushes out with their partially tested POO POO build.

what you need..... ZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is a Horizon tested PEW PEW build!

what you will need:

a sci captain.
a tac captain.
voice communication
or a nice keybind to announce these 2 things

1 subnuke, sensor scan combo.....full aux and some torpedos.
1 attack pattern alpha, fire on my mark.... and some dual heavy cannons

you is inevitable. there are cooldown gaps.

every target has a tac team cycle. most players still run reverse shield polarity.

so wait until that Vesta has run his little game.....then run your "Horizon tested" (TM) combo! nuke that ***** Vesta's RSP right into the ground. and Debuff that sucker with scans and fomm.....and here come the cannons and torps.

and there you go. one big OP ship blowing up right in front of you. and if he was rubber band healed back into OPness???? target the guy who healed him. he doesnt have anything to heal himself with. and if that guy is backed up.....well... you either ran into a partial/full premade... or a very aware pug. (the latter does not happen much btw.....or the first one actually)

have fun kill bad guys!
Can I be your sci duder when we get to blow this ships up?!!

First it was the gal-x- it was uup as hell people that played it soon realised it was crap, and sure there have been many p2win ships but it really started with oddessy imo or the bug ship they are truely better then their counterparts.

This new science ship might be just a karfi, but it got everything abit better or more of. Op maybe not but its just a matter of time when the old T5 ships are as relevant as the miranda in pvp.