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The entrants were sprawled throughout the aisles; grasping tight to their wounds. You will now file out and proceed to your quarters, courses begin on Frekson at pre-dawn. You will meet in the field, follow the green line to your formation. Candidates began filing out of the auditorium, gingerly stepping or holding their wounded arms. Mistresses used their boots to shove those who moved too slowly or crawling up the aisles.

At first, I thought thankfully we have a day to recover as we arrived on the Vesma and it still a day away with no activity scheduled until then. There was no way to determine time or date; no lights, no windows, no calendars, and no clocks. As we began arriving into the assigned quarters, several of the candidates discovered that they were assigned cells already provided to other candidates. Chaos was breaking out with the older children.

I was already introduced to my cell. I moved into the room and closed the door. As I began pealing off the uniforms in solitude, the sounds of mistresses entering the quarters ordering students into their cells, smacking some with switches for remaining in the hallway or not remembering their numbers. I continued undressing ignoring the screams of pain outside, removing my stockings caused the feet to begin bleeding again. The first foot, I peeled the cloth off slowly and the pain burned deep within the wound; I decided to rip the second off and though it was painful, it receded quickly.

The strikes continued for some time until each cell had an individual candidate. As the groans and the strikes continued, I proceeded in my cell as though nothing was taking place. My uniforms were placed neatly in a drawer of the desk and I laid down on the concrete slab. The first hours were restless, trying to figure out how to situate the blanket around me and still support my neck. I thought I'd have plenty of time to figure it out, but it wasn't long until yelling started again.

Mistresses stormed the various cells; first angry that candidates hadn't stood up promptly upon their entrance, next that we folded our uniforms incorrectly, didn't have this or that properly aligned, blankets weren't folded, we weren't dressed for duty, and finally we were not in formation. Uniforms were thrown in the hallways, blankets, boots, and of course candidates.