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The snaps of switches striking flesh, the yelps and screeches of unarmed victims sounded through the halls. The clicks of that cursed Clud'Jothan became louder as the head mistress approached. No personal items authorized in the hallways!! and I thought I said formation at pre-dawn on Frekson. I expect everyone in formation by the time I arrive at the field. The stern figure continued stepping through the rubble towards the field.

As the mistresses continued beating the children, we feverishly tried to grab clothing and linen and tossing it into our cells. I tossed whatever I could into my room and locked the door before rushing out of the living quarters to beat the head mistress to the field. When I arrived, I was welcomed with the blunt globe of the Clud'Jothan to my head. I was to late. Yet, I was lucky; the other students were unrelentingly being beaten by mistresses to the formation. Many missing items to their issued uniforms.

The Spear yielding demon stood on a pedestal like a stone statue as the initiates formed what appeared more like an evacuation center than a military formation. You are all late, I directed you to be in a location at a specific time and you failed to heed my instructions. How can you be expected to fight our enemies and care for those who loyally follow you when you can't complete a simple task as being where you are directed to be? For this failure, we will skip the morning meal and utilize this time getting from one location to another in a timely manner.

The head mistress ended her speach and tapped her Clud'Jothan on the pedestal. The junior instructors then led the gaggle on a four hour run which contributed to a missed lunch as well. When we returned to our quarters, it was time to clean the mess we left behind. As I folded and returned the clothing to their appointed drawers, I discovered two additional pairs of boots and a second blanket among the pile.

I approached one of the junior mistresses as she stared coldly in my direction. What recruit? Did you forget your number? I just looked up with a pair of frightened eyes and squeaked out Mistress, I have discovered excess items in my inventory. I was expecting another brow beating, but was shocked at her response. So, it was in your room. Congratulations it is yours now. You can choose to be weak like our enemies or you can become a Cardassian and build your Vesala.