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Originally Posted by zeuxidemus001 View Post
I wouldn't mind the vesta having what it has in the forms its been laid out like... I would just want something for the KDF along the same lines as this vesta pack except a new class of Negh'Var that is smaller than the bortasqu' but has more tactical power being the free Negh'var just isn't what I would view as a Heavy Battle Cruiser.

The fleet vor'cha was done excellently but some of us prefer the look of the negh'var over the vor'cha look and we haven't got anything viable from the starbase system nor anything for it from the c-store.

Overall though the vesta models look nice if you are heavily invested or just getting started in the federation side but for us KDF players it would be nice to fill the void like the vesta did for the fed side except with a Negh'Var.
couldnt agree more , a bundle pack of ships for the kdf would go some way to filling gaps in the fleet. they'd have to make it nice and manoeuvrable though , unlike the bortas'qu , which turns like a blue whale with heavy shopping
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