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10-31-2012, 06:46 PM
First of all I have to make my compliments to all staff for Season 6 and my best wishes for Season 7.

You've done a great work with Starbase system and I believe next season will better the game again.

But... why do the KDF got all the cool stuff and everything fed got was just -meh?

Before KDF players launch a crusade on me, I play 3 Klink toons and I am well satisfied of our cool base.

And I'm well aware it's the exception to the rule.

But I don't think that the problem get solved starting to releasing crap to other side too.

Solution should be better KDF stuff while keeping what already is good, well, good.

KDF faction does need a basical remake and that takes up time, no surprise it has not been made, between F2P, Starbases and such.

I bet they will work on it after S7, considering what they told about new factions: they want to add them, but KDF has first to be completed.

Now, for the other part is simple: give us stuff that actually seems Starfleet-made on Bases.

Also, federal citizens like dancing girls too.