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10-31-2012, 07:12 PM
So feds get a sci version of a Fleet Corsair flight deck cruiser. Nice. Finally catching up to KDF.
Of course more toys and abilities so feds feel good about themselves.
The Aux powered cannons are a nice idea though.

An interesting ship release for sure. If I played Fed any more I'd probably go for this, but I don't.
Until the next KDF c-store ship, no money from me, sorry cryptic.

Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
i know all Sci ships only have 6 weapon slots... and that is one of the reasons i DO NOT LIKE sci ships...

the SCI commander slot is another thing i don't like and it looks to me like all 3 versions come with the same BOff layout?

with only 6 weapons and probably a low amount of TAC console slots, where is the DPS supposed to be coming from?
lol. When you're a hammer everything looks like a nail.
Sci ships require a different play style. If you can't adapt to it then this and other sci ships are not for you.
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