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The Shield Heal applied by the Shield Distribution Officer, known as the Brace for Impact Duty Officer, has been reworked:

It no longer has a heal-over-time component, but is comprised of a single lump-sum heal.
It is no longer dependent upon Auxiliary Power and Flow Capacitors, but now receives a benefit from Shield Emitters.
It can now only be activated a single time within any 15-second period, per officer of this type equipped.

The buff stripping proc provided by unique Energy Weapons officers, known as the Subnuc Duty Officer, has been reworked:

Chance to proc has been increased from 0.5% to 1%.
The target of this proc will become immune to further procs from this same type of duty officer for 15seconds after being hit with it.
This immunity is specific to this Duty Officer power, but will prevent further effects regardless of the source of the proc.
I.e, even a 5-man team with these equipped will max out at one proc per target, per 15
second period.

While the shield distribution doff looks to be a fair balance pass the snb doff just became more overpowered than ever. The removal of the hot proc option is a good thing that alone would prevent three purples from overprocing per activation. Great job on these guys. Now on to the major fail on the snb doffs.

First off 15 second immunity doesn't do a damn thing if all of your buffs got stripped. Second as proven by turkish rp heroes tests the proc didn't really take effect but around every 15 seconds anyway. Mostly not during that whole test.

Now the reincreased proc chance is gonna bring back those dual scatter volley escorts back out of the woodwork. So now that craptic did it's balance pass on these here is your excuse to use them again QQ free. I think they tried to sneak this in during the initial nerd tears the Vesta class set is letting out.

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