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Originally Posted by scottaprice View Post
Would someone be so kind as to list the issues with the current PvP system or please direct me to some of the valid links describing the current issues with PvP and their proposed solutions? I have not played PvP in a very long time, but I plan to become more involved with it. Last I saw, one can still enter into a PvP instance and fight. What is specifically broken? People are just complaining and I have not been able to find specifics with the limited time I have had to dig in the forums.

I was under the impression that people build their ships/ground char with consoles, kits, skills, etc. then they develop tactics and enter into PvP Battles. Whomever emerges victoriously probably has the better build and skill/power/tactic combination. Is it not that simple? I must be missing something.

I know this is a very critical issue for some players and I am looking to better understand what people are looking for in improving STO PvP?

Thanks to anyone who can help.
Here is a start:

Then there's *snicker* Ground PvP...