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Originally Posted by khayuung View Post
Branflakes replied that one ship can mount multiple copies of DHCs, and other ships can use said cannons, but also qualified that all are subject to change.
Of course, ships can either mount Dual Cannons of they cannot ... its that simple, there is no difference as far the game can see if its a Dual Cannon or a Heavy Dual Cannon as far if it can be used.

So yes if you cry hard enough maybe it might not make Holodeck.
The Cannons are the least of the issues with that, besides they are not going to take then off because it had then, its like removing the Galaxy-X phaser lance but worst as the Vesta class is known to mount cannons..

I don't think its necessary since most science ships can't mount DHCs, but having it around gives ships that do mount it have more options.
Again, Dual Cannons are not the main issues ... turn rate that is higher that the Intrepid, a BO layout that can make it a superior tactical ship compared with the Recon along with having stronger hull and shields that both the Intrepid and the Recon, this make this ship making the other irrelevant and that is even before we start talking about Dual Cannons or the Hangar Bay.

The Hangar is a huge issue due to pets, its the cherry on top of the cake.

Interestingly, mounting it on a dreadnought means you get to heal better without needing to switch power that often! DNCs might fail less.
Not really, no ... its almost the same with the Wide Angle Quantum Torpedo Launcher, if you put something on it as a weapon its a good idea to just let other ships to use it because it means sales, as people brought the Regent for the launcher I suppose people will buy one of the Vestas for it.

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