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11-01-2012, 12:19 AM
@ rodentmaster
Perhaps recksracer is just a pissed off alt account lol.I bet he/she never tried to bake some tribbles at the KDF chef to see how buggy menus are and can start the assignment cooldown even he didn.t started the mission and just canceled..or to be teleported to the Shipyard instead of First City
Note: some bugs may occure on a specific operating system , ship , map...which makes the things very hard to gather all the data to simulate the instance.
There is lots of doffs in game with hypothetical powers and many bugs including major ones related to the server instability that's for sure.
And i understand many things i'm not from the Mars planet landed to Earth on a bamboo boat,recksracer.
I know how the 3D modelling is working, character animations, texturing, meshes,terrain maps and i even created guides and including a mod+map .
If someone is very curios can see some 3D work or get a 3D wallpaper related to anno 1404 game by Ubisoft which half are my 3D art as a beginner in working with Daz,Bryce,Hexagon,Mudbox,Sketchbook,Maya...

Like recksracer said there is no point to list all the bugs encountered ,some of them might be since open beta free-to-play and still unsolved..

In the meantime ... Happy Halloween everyone.

And hey devs why there is no Halloween event in game ? Oh..wait there is no Halloween in the Star Trek future anymore..they eat replicated food and travel with warp speed ..ok about an event in Star Trek online related to some events from the ST movies/series ? ..
"Every moment we live, we are moving through time." (Vosk, on the power of time travel, "Storm Front"- ENTERPRISE season 4 episode 1)

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