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11-01-2012, 12:21 AM
If Cryptic is going to continue to make older ships useless, they might as well establish a Tier 6 already.

I really don't see them backing down from this. The only time they ever backed down was when the Nebula was introduced (is it me or isn't this the same BO configuration they originally offered with the Nebula?). The Galaxy-X Phaser lance, the Intrepid Ablative Generator (but as a 100% effective shield, which is better), Hull Regeneration, and a super slipstream.

So did they intentionally forget the Kitchen Sink?

Right now, given all this, it's a good deal. No need to buy the Nebula, D'Kyr, Interpid Refit, the other Sci Ships, and while at it, add the Regent and the Galaxy-X to the plate. (The Odyssey killed the Galaxy-R, and the Vet Destroyers killed the Escorts).

So no use putting in the other canonical ships, because they obviously not going to be as good.