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11-01-2012, 12:05 AM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
The major concern I have is opening up those players to the "PvP" that goes on in this forum lol. It's like a warzone in here; there is so much rule-breaking going on and players are constantly are being trolled and harassed -- it's really unfortunate that a few individuals are ruining it for the rest of those who like to use this forum and provide constructive (positive or negative), civil feedback. I've been working on a thread that I've been wanting to post in here that comes from the heart as a fellow player, as well as the Community Manager. I'm hoping to have it posted soon. Basically, the trolling and harassing has to stop -- it's not good for the community, and it really doesn't help the cause.
Honestly, Brandon... I think you guys seem to be perceiving a rise in negativity and hostility and I don't think it's entirely real. That's not to say that you don't feel pressure or that there aren't bursts of panic. I think a big factor that drives that is that however much Cryptic does or doesn't communicate, they don't communicate intent.

We can't test content without knowing intent. We often can't form play strategies without knowing intent. In lieu of stated intent, the community absolutely has to start building assumptions regarding design intent and this leads to some meticulous (if very flawed) theories that genuinely fit the facts we have from the outside. And the emotional outbursts here come from a mix of brusque communication and our attempts to create a working theory of intent.

It's bizarre to me because other developers in the industry are tighter with everything else but incredibly open regarding design philosophy and design intent. Cryptic is big on the what, the how, the when, and the wishlist but treats the "why" like some kind of guarded trade secret.

But beyond that, I'd say the general tenor of the forums is about on par with what I'd call a "Sunny Summer Sunday Dinner with Grandma" level of hostility and I genuinely don't get the touchiness. I don't know if its text or that a wall of text somehow gets equated with an attack or what but I guarantee you if I expressed some of the same points that I'm sure have rankled people here over a cup of coffee, you'd think I was polite and reasonable. But if I type it up as a thorough 7 paragraph post, where I try to anticipate criticism, it becomes "forum PvP" or a "rant."

I see that as a siege mentality. You guys are maybe a bit too close to eachother and the work and a bit too far from some of your most passionate players.