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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
There's absolutely some room

As for your Boot Camp post, it's something I read this morning and have been thinking about. I really, really want to help out and support it. I think it could be really fun and I have some great ideas that I'd like to share to add to it, too.

The major concern I have is opening up those players to the "PvP" that goes on in this forum lol. It's like a warzone in here; there is so much rule-breaking going on and players are constantly are being trolled and harassed -- it's really unfortunate that a few individuals are ruining it for the rest of those who like to use this forum and provide constructive (positive or negative), civil feedback. I've been working on a thread that I've been wanting to post in here that comes from the heart as a fellow player, as well as the Community Manager. I'm hoping to have it posted soon. Basically, the trolling and harassing has to stop -- it's not good for the community, and it really doesn't help the cause.

Personally, I really enjoy PvPing -- I have played with a few of the best teams out there and always have a great time. They also share feedback and I pass it along often. I also read the threads and posts in this forum and know the feelings of the community towards the current state of PvP. We (the players, the STO team, Cryptic and Perfect World) want it to be a great experience. We've got some ways to go, but if we all work together, I think we can get to a point where PvP is something we'll see more players wanting to participate in. We won't get there overnight, but I hope that the increased Dev involvement in this sub-forum is a sign and a starting point.

There's a great discussion going on right now about the Runabouts with those who are testing the Vesta. Some REALLY good feedback coming in that may even help bring a couple changes to how they work. Everything is still in discussion, so I won't say anything further than that.


Brandon =/\=
Thanks for the response again, Brandon.

I don't want to sidetrack this Vesta post, so perhaps we can continue this conversation either in the "Boot Camp" forum ( or you can contact me at my P1 email so that we can work out some details:

But let me say one thing:

The idea of bringing fresh blood and helping them break through the intimidation factor that keeps them from PvP is a completely separate issue from the trolling nonsense that sometimes goes on here (but also in many other forums). Please don't let the good die because of the ugly.

There is an opportunity here for a grass-roots, education based revivification of PvP. This has already begun with groups like Pandas, Hilbert's guides, and the many other intro-to-PvP guides out there (sorry cant give credit to all of you for your hard work!) who see education and training as the key to bringing in new players. Small tastes of success are the bait that will bring in new players.

While the new players we recruit may, inadvertently, find their way into the forum-pvp-arena, they may also find their way to things like:
- The Jedi Council: Acc vs. Deffense post
- The Hilbert Guide to PvP
- Basic Tips from Survivor
- and the list could go on.

Surely access to these resources outweighs players having to read the occasional flame-post.

So please, you and I have more common ground on this issue than, prima facie, it migth seem.

My inbox is waiting . . . =)

PvP Boot Camp Project Leader Emeritus

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