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11-01-2012, 12:35 AM
Originally Posted by maddog0000doom View Post
im sick of it bloody sick of it.

its beyond a joke the federation gets ship after ship after ship what do we get *********

fed up with excuses and other crap they keep giving us.

treat the bloody factions the same if feds get a ship so do kdf thats not asking for alot just sort your ***** out cyrptic
Excatly this is the opinion I've reached too.
There WAS so much potential in STO, but it was wasted on the Federation only.

I hope in 2-5 years another company will take up the Star Trek IP and make another MMO that time with a decent multifaction experience. Cryptic obviously failed miserably on that while still telling us to stay as we might get some new stuff.

Sorry if this sounds do negativ, but I'm fed up with Cryptics Federation gets new toys only stance.
Cryptic's shamefull history with the KDF