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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Zilant, Talon, Slavemaster? Non-dread

Then again, that might have to wait for the Typhoon, eh?

Maybe one "sooner" and then two with the Typhoon?
Ooooh *drools*...

Yeah only thing I'd want to see besides what I'm drooling over is a Negh'var retrofit with a LC universal so you can make it go Tactical or Sci there instead of engineering but for those who still like that LC engineering can still keep it. I'd rather see them remove the fleet negh'var like they did with sovy than having a ensign universal which is about worthless because most people would just make it engineering anyways which is what the negh'var already has.

I would go on about my idea I'll put it in Klingon Fleetyards since this is about the vesta thread but I'm glad the fed side finally got this vesta coming because its been an issue that most every player wanted it in game.

I just hope players that are mostly fed only would extend the same token on KDF getting some these long awaited ships as well that we haven't recieved either. Being Star Trek was mostly about the federation though I can see where more ships would be available to make I would just like to see the KDF not completely ignored. I guess this is a nicer way to try to explain my view on the matter.

Here's hopes that everyone enjoys their Vesta