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I'll be in contact

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I'm primarily talking about how some individuals are treating other individuals in this forum. As you can see from the threads that are still available to post in, there are many, many threads that include "negativity" or "hostility" towards changes, additions, design decisions etc. -- after all, this is a feedback forum where all types of feedback are welcome. It's the objectionable and vulgar material/ content, the harassing comments, the name calling, and the flaming and trolling that's the problem. The moment the feedback crosses into those lines, it's not okay.

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It's really simple. The more you moderate here, the more emotions you rise. For your and Cryptic's sake, it would be better to leave this section unmoderated and visit it just as a fellow pvper, not a mod.

PvP = emotions, Emotions need to get out, and people release steam on forums.
Unfortunately, this is not an option We want to maintain an environment where players can come to leave feedback and participate in discussion without having to be worried about what I posted above. Unfortunately, players who repeatedly break the rules will not be welcome to participate.

EDIT: We can continue this discussion in this thread if you'd like to quote this post there. Let's leave this thread for feedback regarding the "Vesta in PvP".


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