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This idea I have being there is probally little to no time in schedule for any C-Store KDF ships so I would think if there is to be one that its something to hold us primarily KDF players off for quite some time.

The idea is somewhat a cross over of the 1000 day ship, the multi vector, and the vesta. The idea itself is the game mechanics behind the multi vector where it can change stats of the ship as far as hull/power settings/etc, the moving parts of the 1000 day ship, and it being a pack ship idea.

The idea is that it would be primarily 100% Klingon race architecture design so it wouldn't have anything of other races within empire like orion, nausicaan, gorn, etc ship tech. With this idea depending on the mode selected like the Veteran Ship when it goes between modes it would have movable parts but it would change the composition of the ship. The modes would be Its normal mode as Negh'Var Heavy Battle Cruiser with justified stats. With moving parts where it can compact itself into a lower hull composition it would then be a Negh'Var version of a Raptor, and then the last mode from the mode of Negh'Var HBC it would then fully extend outward to be a Carrier. The idea behind the carrier part is that the smaller pieces that retract inward would create 2 hangars of K'vort bops that would be unique just to this ship and would only be able to sustain 1 K'vort for each hangar so there could never be more than 2 of these bops out at any given time.

My basic idea is that it would be a multi role ship but in my view the stats of it would excel as a Heavy Battle Cruiser of how they are primarily designed but reflect in the different modes that the ship could be used by any class in theory without any major differences a lot like the bortasqu' is but wouldn't take away from uniqueness of raptors and carriers.

Anyways I just thought about how unique the Vesta is going to be and though how some small features here and there could be adapted to make something unique for the KDF too. It would be a step in the right direction if we ever had a Delta Quadrant reputation system where you couldn't just twarp between Alpha and Delta Quadrants and would need multi-role ships for each faction to survive the harsh situations the Voyager crew encountered.