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Originally Posted by issueman1 View Post
Since pvp is all but dead, and pve is dominated by escorts. The science ships have fallen behind. I find it funny that they add the Vesta as a science ship but yet, in a pve game science is lacking. An escort can do pve better and faster.
Is there still PVP in STO? Where?

On a serious note:

PVP was a trouble child of Cryptic since its inception, it has only recently become the Red Headed Step Child of the Studio. I only PvP when playing my Klingon toons, it's so much fun being on the RED Side and watch the Federalist go BOOM. If only Cryptic would repair and update the PvP portion if the game, though I don't see it happening since they are busy making the game a grindfest and a money sink.

In regards to the Vesta, its a Hybrid of some sort - I think CRYPTIC is now heading towads that standard with all their future ship releases.

With the exception of pure escorts - the days of true blue cruisers and science vessels are numbered.

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