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11-01-2012, 02:18 AM
Originally Posted by stark2k View Post

Just wish Cryptic would repair and update the PvP portion if thegame, though I don't see it happening since they are busy making the game a grindfest and a money sink.
Yes, alot of us have the same wish, they don't seem to realise that apart from the foundry, pvp is the best place for user generated content that never gets old. Just give us a real pvp update, and we will be happy for a longer time than it takes for us to play through all available episodes.

Or, you could pass that down to the foundry makers if you are too busy with accumulating cash.

"Welcome to the foundry, what type of map would you like to create?
Win Condition?
Number of players?
Faction Bound?

Generating map."