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11-01-2012, 02:54 AM
I dunno, honestly I don't see the Vesta being anywhere near as good as some people are expecting/hoping/convincing themselves into believing. It's a Sci ship, it has 6 weapon slots. Yes it can equip DHC, but doing that precludes using the innate subsystem target attacks which are a big part of a Sci ship. Even the Tactical version only gets +5 weapon power so not much bonus damage from high weapon power unless you use weapon batteries or emergency to weapon. Cannons based on aux power rather than weapon is a decent idea, but will they actually be any good? And they're fore only, so whatever rear weapons will be hamstrung if you go full aux for those cannons unless you use mines/torps only in the rear slots. The aux cannon also looks like it has bad mods like many of the fleet weapons with dmgx2. Would've been much better with accx2 and critd or crith instead of dmg.

But the biggest thing is it doesn't have a Cmdr Tac slot, with the universal being Lt. Cmdr and a Lt. as the dedicated Tac exactly like the Wells so you can't even make the most of cannons. So with all that I don't expect it will have anywhere near escort level DPS. The consoles also don't look all that impressive aside from the Fermion field, cryptic got it right with the Odyssey consoles and I don't think anything will top that for usefulness, though the Mannheim/Tipler combo is just fun.

I'll probably get the 3 pack anyway though if I like how it handles while testing it after it shows up in Tribble.