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11-01-2012, 03:02 AM
Originally Posted by gypsyblade View Post
Yea we were getting steady dev blog updates... I was hoping for one today.. but the Zen announcement gave em a free pass to skip one for today...

A lot of people want to know the stats on the Vesta, I'd release the info soon myself.

This sale + ship info = instant zen purchases for many players

Not a bad deal for Cryptic
I'll say!

It does actually make good sense to buy the required Zen whilst the promotion is on - the bonus Zen will certainly come in useful.

I certainly have, and it's ready and waiting for the Vesta release!

Personal T6 Ship Wishlist:
Nova/Rhode Island class with Hybrid Pilot BOFF seat.

That is all. (guess this wasn't really a 'list' after all!)