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Originally Posted by corsair114 View Post
The sky's not falling, and this ship will be beatable. 100% behind the Cappy on this. Keep shooting, sub-nuccing, and team healing your way to victory.

It is, however, extremely overpowered relative to other science ships. It is, literally, every Fed Fleet Science Ship condensed into three ships with an add-on hangar, and better potential spike damage. It has some wild, wild console abilities. It loads DHC's on a nimbler, Sci-heavy Fleet Vor'cha with better shields, maneuverability, and a hangar.

Unbeatably broken? It's not *quite* to the level of the Jem Shield+BFI bug, but it's pretty far up the ladder. Makes my Regent feel a bit like a waste Zen, and leaves me wondering why I should even bother with a Fleet RSV (aside from liking the Luna-class)?
STO is a team game.

By itself the Vesta appears exceedingly OP in comparison to other ships in that class, and significantly more in terms of anything the KDF can field.

Now consider that you are going to have a 2-3 of these hangar capable ships in the field.

The sky may not be falling, but something is not right. For those that are arguing that the Vesta is no OP and even a crappy ship, is their slide-of-hand attempt to ensure that it does not get balance, and remains with the perfect stats it currently has.