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This guide will cover all steps nessecary on how to win and prevail in arena matches. I will slighty refer to Naz`s excellent writeup so all sources are refered to. So lets get started shall we?


First thing to do when you enter an arena match is to analyze your team. What ships and class does the team have at its disposal, and what can it achieve? During premades this is less of an ordeal but when you are pugging, knowing your teams advantages and limitations can get you much further then just hoping for the best.
Next step is to consolidate communications. Being able to communicate is key number 1 in all pvp matches and the lack of it spells certain doom for most 5 man teams. In premades this is usually solved by utilizing ventrilo/teamspeak/mumble, but for pug`s its a matter of consensus where someone types the target and all agrees to attack said target.
When communication is established there are certain ground rules.

A. Fleet commander (FC) is the only one talking and calling out targets, unless others have a suggestion and notes something which can score a point quickly. Having coms open and quiet for the FC to direct is imperative and vital to any teams success.
B. If you die or get attacked, DO NOT yell youre being attacked in a panic which can upset and disrupt flow of communication. If you die, die quietly. The rest of the team can see and will observe who is being attacked on the UI.
C. The one who is fleet commander is God. Period. But a good fleet commander leads by example, not by force.

Now with this in mind we can jump to the next step.

Consolidation of the battlefield

I quote Sun Tzu: The expert in battle seeks his victory from strategic advantage and does not demand it from his men.

As the quote goes its about seeking a strategic advantage. So the first thing to do once basics are set is to consolidate the battlefield. All 5 ships will move to the center of the playfield for two reasons:

1. Claim map control.
2. Deny the opponent map and zone control.

Once this is done, its vital that everyone has one very very important, and i cant stress it enough, rule in your head: You WILL stay within 10km of other friendly ships.
10 km is the range of when combat can engage, but also when you can heal others. More of that in the next step. When all ships are in place the famous fedball will commence, where team members will circle each other. Start deploying mines and fighter pets while waiting for the opposing team to show up. If youre fighting klinks with no to 1 carrier(s), its important for science captains to run full auxuiliary to "fish" out cloaked vessels, and take turns in who sensor scans to maximize outcome. By now hostile ships should appear, and the first thing everyone should do, and especially the FC is to analyze the opposing team. What class and ships do they have, who is the likely healer, CC`r, dps etc. Try to swiftly figure out a kill list and then move over to the next step.

Engaging the enemy.

Yet again i quote Sun Tzu: It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.

By now the FC has already picked a target to engage, but there are a few things to do before going guns blazing. Remember to buff yourself up before attacking to maximize damage and to prevent being damaged too much, and again stay within 10 km of friendly ships. During combat its VITAL to keep in mind 2 rules.

A. You WILL heal a friendly ship once it takes damage, and remember to carry both hull and shield heals. Alive team members is better then a dead one as dps and healing will be reduced significantly. Along with solid communications, healing each other is the second key to winning an arena match.

B. Do NOT run away when you see your health is approaching zero. TRUST that your team member will heal you up, and do not panic and run away. This is ultimatly self defeating if you do, as your team cant heal you due to being out of range and you will be easy picking for the enemy team as youre almost dead. In other words, running away is like deserting your team. You only make it worse for the remainder 4.

IF someone on your team dies, do not panic and stay calm and controlled. It happens and after all, we`re only human. The one who died will rush back into the fold and carry on from where he/she left. As the match progresses its really down to the FC`s skill and target calling which will determine the outcome. There are though 2 combat tactics which i want to mention, which can resolve a stalemate if both teams cant seem to break each others healing potential.

1. If the team has multiple science captains, learn to chain SNB. Its cheap but its effective. Pick a discret target and get everyone to shoot it, then SNB it for every 4-5 buffs which effects shield and hull, OR if the victim is using RSP. RSP is usually last resort for many players when all other healing has been exhausted. In other words its THE time to SNB and finish of the ship.

2. Got no science captains or just 1? Then learn to fake target. Fake targeting involves picking two ships. The bait and the real target you intend to kill. FC will call a bait target for all ships to shoot for the intent to exhaust and waste most if not all heals on the bait target, so it cant heal the intended kill target. FC will inform in good time when the switch will happen all depending on how many buffs on the bait ship and time elapsed. The more buffs on the bait ship the better. Its important for all team members not to waste too many dps buffs on the bait target, but to reserve the important ones for the switch. When the switch commences, make a sudden move and buff all out dps and SNB when 4-5 buffs are on the kill target. This tactic usually works cause it happens so sudden and so fast.


Win or lose you will learn from it. Remember you are here to have fun first and foremost, and remember to GG at the end of the game. Give compliments and credit to players you think stood out the most, and for FC`s its really important to encourage and motivate your team wether you lost or won.
As a closing note i will want to bring up the essence of Star Trek. ST is about self reflection, self awarness, morality and most of all self improvement. I implore and encourage people to try different ships and builds. Try not to follow the same cookie cutter ship build cause you win all the time. You wont grow or expand if you stick to the same old if youre not willing to take a risk.... a chance. Remember you can make a difference if you just try!

Regarding pay to win consoles and ships.

Yes its inevitable to encounter these so ill just mention it. Personally i use an Atrox carrier and the subspace jump console, but in all honesty I rather see players limit its use so it doesnt become game breaking. Unfortuantly too many people rely on these to actually win, and its rather sad. But i will remind everyone of one thing: Pay to win consoles and ships doesnt make you a better or skillful player as the payed material is doing the fighting for you. That is no skill, as you just payed yourself to a cheap and easy victory. Payed material is suppose to supplement your current skills, not supplant them. Besides, its much sweeter to win with standard ships who has skillfull players, against a payed to-win-team who relies too much on what they payed than what they can actually perform.
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