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I'll have to recheck, as I though the single cannon (180 arc) and turret (360 arc) are "universally mountable" cannon style weapons. ie: mount single cannons on the front, turrets on rear of cruiser, CSV / CRF affects all guns again... (though DPS would be relatively pathetic)...

Now on that note, part of balancing powers/slots is the overall slotting, look at gravity well, for example - as a Lt Cmdr (I) and Cmdr (II & III), there's not many non-science ships that can run this power, IIRC the MVAE is the only escort that can slot GW I among the non-universal slot wielding C-store escorts. Same with the slotting of Cannon powers (CRF/CSV), on the off chance that single cannons are all-ship slottable, most Tier 5 non-escorts can't run more than one copy of either CRF I / CSV I. Dropping them down a rank suddenly makes an all-cannon Gal-X somewhat feasable, as with the 3 tac slots it has I could go CRF II in Lt, CSV I and TT I in the ensign slots, and use subspace jump / evasives / Deuterium tanks / etc. to boost turn rate enough for this build to be very painful...
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