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Originally Posted by wraithshadow13 View Post
I think it's kind of funny that they go around saying there isn't enough players on the KDF to justify more content, what was it last time, 16% of Sto players? But there probably isn't that many BECAUSE of the lack of content. There was never really a lot to it, so obviously people were turned off from a faction that never really was. If they took the time to add the promised content then I'm sure people would go for it. I for one love the ships on the KDF side but don't play it as it does tend to be "hey we're bad guys" more than "we're honorable warriors" but if they added more content and some nice ships too boot I'd level my two KDF ASAP.
Even the village idiot can figure that out before cryptic can. That isn't saying cryptic is dumb, but its saying that cryptic is looking at other metrics to get there vision.
Look at all the story content In The past two years.
One fe series and "Alpha". They just don't have the heart to make content like that.
So they make starbases and repeatable content that people "accept".

The entire point to f2p is to accept that you are going to get 90 percent of the people mad and leave. But it doesn't matter unless you have that same number of new players. Rinse repeat.