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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
He's exaggerating.

It's 30 common engineering or Operations. It's not a specific specialty. Here's the full list(subject to change, like everything else on Tribble).

60 Romulan Marks, 10k Dil, 30 eng or ops Doffs, 10k expertise, 1 peregrine fighter, 5 warp coils.

The security escorts are actually pretty cheap.

10 rom marks, 1250 dil, 1500 expertise, 5 common security or tactical doffs, 2 large power cell, 1 common personal shield Mk 5.
You're living on massively borrowed surpluses. It's basically comparable to peak oil, only with reserves instead of production rates; you don't see how bad the deficit is because you're at the top of the bell curve.

To put it more simply, the DOffs (yes, even the common whites) that exist on the market today are only there because of the immensely hard, grindy work a few people are putting in and the Zen being poured into the engine to try and meet ~Tier IV+ starbase demands. As more people start reaching Tier IV, demand will exceed the last of the supply and the production wells will close (no more free Academy packs).

To see evidence of this, there are DOffs of a particular type and rarity (I won't name them to prevent a bank run) that are absolutely integral to SB development, and they're just straight-up running out. Every day they become more absurdly pricey, people have to stuff more and more of them away in the Mail, and the clock ticks closer to complete exhaustion.

vids and guides and stuff

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