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Heh, someone is optimistic. Here's hoping they wont throw a price at us to use any new implemented race, though it's almost certain that they will.

I'd vote in the Talarian; they're known to be a warrior-based species, and they're not overly fond of the Federation (they've had several hostile encounters with them in the past). I could see them aligning themselves with the Imperial Empire if it benefited both factions.

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They don't like space flight, and the Imperial Empire is at war (galactic) with the Federation. See the problem?

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xindi reptiles and insectoids would be epic, while the feds get the humanoid ones.
Whilst this would work, it kind of goes against what we know of 29th Century Law where the Xindi are all part of the Federation (inc the Klingons). That said, I would believe the Xindi would stick together after the events of the expanse and attack on Earth. I don't see them being too eager to split up and be on opposite sides of a war just yet.

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(dont think anyone will realistically get the aquatics)
They've managed to put the Tholian in EV Suits.

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or the Son'a, although thats really only to try and get their ships in as well.
I know this is thinking well ahead, but I'd rather save the Son'a for a Romulan accomplice, should we ever be privileged enough to see a Romulan faction.

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