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Originally Posted by kalecto View Post
You're derailing my thread; please stay on topic.

You will have new ships and you will have a race change option, one day in the future...

This thread is for forum members to discuss new playable KDF species options.
The first couple of responses do have valid points though. What is the point in adding new races when they can't take the time to give us more KDF content? In my opinion, the sole reason the KDF faction numbers are so low is because Crytpic continiously takes away instead of adding to the faction. Before launch, there were a lot of players interested in the KDF side of things and I have 2 toons leveled on the old system. The old system encouraged PvP as an alternative to repeating the same missions that side. Cryptic was supposed to fill in the gaps over time but instead, they strip the faction of everything that makes it unique. There were some great stories in the KDF missions that could definitely be expaneded upon.