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I was noticing the forum was lacking in a cruiser thread, and since I know it's customary for there to be one either each patch or at least weekly, I have thus started it.
I could help but laugh about this

Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Now for the usual blah blah blah, cruisers suck, blah blah blah, make us a god ship.
Been there, done that... the Vesta is on its way to a store near you...

As for what I feel is up with cruisers is all the indirect nerfs by the simplification of the game, the removal of any viable Jack of all trades builds (a move I really don't like) and throughout this they have had no enhancement or adjustment to suit the current game climate.

I mean cruisers can do two things at a time:

All these combinations they do well but when you try for a balance of DPS/Tank/Heal it falls flat on it's face unable to do any of them. This is where cruisers need adjusting so that they can fill all these roles simultaneously with an advantage in tanking over the others, this would be balanced as due to the team healing capacity would reduce damage output a little however I think all we need to facilitate that though is a small buff to beam damage as it only takes 3 DHCs to match the output of 6 beam arrays at a far better price in power; anything more on that is 100% profit.

Over than that I think cruisers are ok, they just need targets in game that don't die to burst damage and NEED the sustained output from beams to make them desirable again.

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