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11-01-2012, 06:32 AM
I believe they are sub-optimal in PvE for the most part as their role can currently be filled by an escort due to several factors.

1) Role, in group PvE (Estfs) an escort can be tanky enough that they do not need a healer or tank. In said situation it is more effective to have the DPS increase that an escort would bring regardless of if they bring 10% more DPS or 50% more. That said this should be addressed in S7 with the borg set nerf, the BFI doff nerf and the change to cubes where they can fire torps into their blindspot now.

2) In solo PvE the goal is to smash the mission as quickly as humanly possible. Cruisers are at a disadvantage again due to the lower DPS and much slower travel speed. My escorts typically don't even get to go into full impulse between NPC groups. This could be solved by granting cruisers (and Sci) perhaps an increased interact speed with objects or something similar but it really isn't a big deal.