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11-01-2012, 06:33 AM
I frequent the Academy event when ever I possibly can. Yesterday I managed to get just over 6k dilithium at the event. I would have had more, except I was in direct competition for glowie blue dots.
When an instance gets above 25 at the Academy the number of people to dots makes it difficult to maintain a good dots per minute rate (particle per minute?).
When I notice that there are too many people I start checking to see if there are other instances with fewer people. Usually there are not. And even if you switch instances the new one will begin to fill up. So even switching takes time and that takes away from the point of the encounter.
I have to agree that this event is specifically designed to foster a competitive environment. In this environment players are competing against other players for a limited resource. YES it is limited. Yes they respawn, however, it is limited by time. If you can't click a blue glowie because another person beat you to it, or if you have to run a larger distance because 2 or 3 people came into the area you are in and now there are no glowies then that will LIMIT how many particles you can get, and therefore how much dilithium you can get.
It is therefore LIMITED. The limit is not the glowie, but by time. If this event was a 24 hour event then I would agree that it is not limited, as people beating you to something would be a nuisance not a limiting factor.
So, if you do not call people directly competing against each other PvP then please give me another term that fits. Because it seems like PvP to me.
Also as far as DEVs calling non-combat play PvP another example are the Markets in City of Heroes. The DEVs there were quite clear that they considered that a PvP arena.

(BTW, can we please get somebody to send the silly cadets to class during the event? I don't know how many times I have had attempts stopped by cadets pushing me out of the way. It is irritating when you almost have a glowie scanned, you get pushed out of the way just as somebody else comes up and takes the dot you almost scanned. Not PvP? Yah right.)