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11-01-2012, 06:36 AM
This post is about PVE. PVP is fundamentally different and requires a completely different approach to balance which STO doesn't even attempt.

Cruisers are underpowered.

A well built escort can fly so fast and so evasively that whatever damage DOES stick to them can usually be shrugged off even with their lesser healing abilities. A stationary escort is less durable than a stationary cruiser, but a stationary escort is suicidal so it's not really a useful comparison. Occasionally escorts will just spontaneously explode with no chance to throw a bandaid on the holes in the hull, but generally speaking, they kill things so fast that the numbers facing them swing in their favor very quickly: an uber-escort can wipe out a formation of 4 or 5 spheres in seconds, while in my cruiser I engage one target at a time, taking a minute to kill each one, and I am forced to face the enemy's overwhelming firepower for a longer span of time.

Cruisers have less firepower, fewer tactical abilities, and the tactical abilities for beams are fundamentally poorer than the ones for cannons; cruisers generally have fewer tactical consoles and weapon power buffs; cruisers generally have about 20% more hull and shields than escorts, in exchange for at least 50% less maneuverability which makes it extremely difficult for them to dictate combat range and facings; and their vaunted durability really only means that fights either drag on indefinitely or you get buried under an avalanche of enemy firepower that you can't repel or get away from. Defense doesn't win fights: hurting the other guy faster than he can hurt you is what wins fights.

I feel like I'm contributing to the team in my cruiser, but as a cheerleader, or that guy keeping the drinks cold while the actual players are out there winning. Stay in the rear, throw torpedoes, heal the escorts mixing it up in the mid field. The team would probably be better served by another escort that can help them kill the enemy even faster because the faster you kill, the less damage you take and the more irrelevant healing becomes. The only cruiser I have that actually feels like I can be a player instead of a cheerleader is the Vor'cha, with its not-terrible maneuverability and its ability to mount dual cannons. Use that as a baseline for what cruisers SHOULD be capable of.

Do I seem annoyed? >_>

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