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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
I am hopeful they do a surprize and release a new Klingon designed ship for the 3rd anniversary along with what I believe will be the Andorian Broadsider. If they don't I say season 8 being about the KDF is just more hot air.

I know you guys don't like my idea of the KDF joining the UFP - while it does happen in the T.V. show in an alternate universe it technically means it is a canon idea - it is a solution to some of the problems of low player count. At bare minimum this war thing needs to be put down, that way at the top end they can mix all the Q's and content and remove silly constraints on wait times and invites to friends and such.
there isnt a low player count on kdf u just have to look thousands of players sitting around qonos in every instance. this low play count crap is just that crap.

more than enough players to justify making kdf ships.

cyrptic doesnt even have the right to use that as an excuse since u cant even pick a kdf without playing feds 1st they can restrict the kdf player and use it as an excuse its discusting.

its about time they took there fingers out and do what they shoud have been doing since day one.

i wish so bad that a real games company had got the ip rights we wouldnt be in this situation .

the whole idea of another faction romulans is laughable