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11-01-2012, 06:46 AM
Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post
Do you think I care even a little bit what
You think ?
Perhaps you should try a bottle of maturity
Pills and drop the baby bottle
Might help you never know
Oh, you have to love the irony here. All that talk of maturity and this is the post he comes out with? Brilliant

On topic though, I and some fleet mates did a few STFs last night, and I recall a few times when my ship, or others blew up for no reason whatsoever.

One was KASE. Donatra turned to attack a guy flying an escort. He flew between Donatra and my ship (at a distance of around 4.5-5km from either of us), then both of us blew up. He had some slight shield damage from where Donatra had been shooting him, I had 100% hull and 100% shields before the explosion.

Another was ISE. We had everything down apart from the gate. As we were shooting the gate, it targetted me. One second later, before I even had a chance to hit Evasive Maneuvers and get out of there, I had no shields and less than 40% health. The next second I was waiting to respawn.

Against the Tac Cube in that same match, I glanced away from my screen for a brief second, to acknowledge something my GF said to me. When I looked back, 3 people who were previously fine were dead, and me and the other guy left standing were both severely crippled.

Yes, we know they are supposed to be difficult, but really? Apparently one shotting over half of the team? That seems a little excessive to me.