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11-01-2012, 06:48 AM
To be honest, their healing ability is pretty good. Also, their dps is pretty good as well (namely if you stack beams and use EPTW or DEM).

I think, however, that the biggest crux behind them is the slow turn rate. Now, with that said, we all know why that is the case. But I think that we could give some love to their turning ability (namely because Fed cruisers don't use cannons --- don't mention the galx please, I pretend that ship doesn't exist).

Like someone else said, a 10 should be the maximum cap, and that should only be for a few. But, for example, keeping a Regent's rate as low as it is is a little silly in my view.

Giving them more tac boff options might be called for as well. Perhaps in the form of universal boffs.

But you guys can't honestly expect a ship to be able to fulfil three roles
at the same time. That's silly. I'd like a ship that can heal, do great DPS, and tank (insert Vesta joke here -- sorry PWEcrew, I just had to), but that expectation is just misplaced.

You can already tank, you can already heal, and you can do good damage already. If some of you are having trouble doing the latter, look up some threads on these forums, as they offer some good help.

Turn rate adjustments, and maybe some boff adjustments, would make the ship class perfect. It really would. Think about that Borticus.

I'll use this to also plug my request to buff the Nebula's turn rate by one or two points. Purty please! In the pilot episode of DS9, a Nebula and Ambassador pull a pretty tight turn into an attack run.